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On blogs, videos often humanize the participants; while not fully interactive, they allows aspects of person to person interaction lost in normal blog posts to be restored (Kyle Cupp, on his blog, Postmodern Papist, discusses many of these aspects here)

Many of our contributors make videos and place them on the main page; the work involved and the value of the content makes it that they should not be forgotten. For this reason, we will place those videos here, so they can be remembered, and to allow new readers to see them, because it should allow them to know the people involved with Vox Nova better.

All videos are the original work of one or several of the Vox Nova contributors.

Welcoming Christ in the Immigrant

Praying for America

Is Vox Nova A Liberal Blog?

Vox Nova On The Streets: A Conversation With Nate I

Vox Nova On The Strets: A Conversation With Nate II

Slideshow Of The Papal Mass In Washington, D.C. (2008)

Patrick Birge Interview Part 1

Patrick Birge  Interview Part 2

Patrick Birge Interview Part 3

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