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Letter from a Gazan Priest

March 20, 2009

Take your minds back to the Christmas season, and listen to the words of Fr. Manuel Mussallam, pastor of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Gaza:

“What you see on television and what you hear is not all of the harsh reality experienced by our people in Gaza. The television and radio cannot transmit the whole truth because of its immensity in our land. The bitter siege on Gaza has become a hurricane that is growing every hour until it has become a war crime, a crime against humanity. If the people of Gaza are now presenting their tragedy to the court of conscience of every human, who has “goodwill”, the time to come is the time of God’s just court…

I summarize my letter to you by lifting our suffering to God and to you. Our people in Gaza are treated like animals in a zoo, they eat but remain hungry, they cry, but no one wipes their tears. There is no water, no electricity, no food, but fear, terror and blockade …

The love of Christ and the Church does not recognize political and social barriers, wars and so on. When your love reaches us, it makes us feel that we, in Gaza, are an integral part of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and our Muslim brothers and sisters in our midst are our people and our destiny, we have what they have and we suffer like they do, we are all the people of Palestine. We in Gaza are steadfast and have resolution in our eyes: “between slavery and death, we have no choice.” We want to live to praise the Lord in Palestine and witness for Christ, we want to live for Palestine, but if death is imposed on us, we will die honest, brave and strong.”

Where are the American Catholic brothers and sisters when their government sends billions every year to fund the Israel military?

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  1. where's the balance permalink
    March 22, 2009 8:52 am

    Both you and the priest and most Palestinian spokesmen we see on TV never mention any responsibility whatsoever for Palestinian suicide bombings..several thousand random rockets. Not a word. That is why few people are interested. Does the Vatican seem very involved to you? People finally got interested in Serbia because of the real innocence of the victims. When the victims vote in rocket lobbers, people will not be that interested.

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